Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Contractor Safety

BNSF Railway and ContractorOrientation.com are excited to share with you our new-dedicated site for BNSF Railway Contractors. Our new site is located at www.BNSFcontractor.com where our dedication to training will continue for the contractor. This new site will better facilitate your learning experience with streamlined course work, reference material, and enhanced communication.

Your current ContractorOrientation.com cards are valid until they expire. For your renewal and any further support you will then go to www.BNSFcontractor.com and take the 2015 BNSF Railway Contractor Safety Course.

Please note that your company will need to have a new updated registration on BNSFcontractor.com

    If you are the company administrator, you will need to do the following:
  • Go to www.BNSFcontractor.com and re-register your company so you will have access to the new system.
  • Once registered, you will receive an email from Webmaster@BNSFcontractor.com when your registration has been verified.
  • You can then login and go to the administration page and register any of your employees that need to be registered for any courses in 2015.
    If you are an employee, you will need to do the following:
  • Contact your company administrator to register you on the new site.
    • To find your administrator click the “main” link above.

If you need any further assistance, please email us at  Webmaster@BNSFcontractor.com

List of vehicles and link to print dashboard document